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to zero this rifle using 147 grain fmj ammo like te military, set your impact point at 1.8 inches higher than your aiming point, your rifle is now zeroed for 500 yards. now to set your sights for oter distancs. without moving your rear sight aperture, loosen the left screw on your elevation knob, rotate the outer scale ring to the 5 mark, then tighten the left screw back down snugly. now your left knob [ elevation ] is calibrated for most distances. want to shoot and hit a target at three hunded yards? put the three on the elevation knob besides the index line on the receiver and shoot. you should be on the money other than a windage problem. forgot to tell you to at the beginning that your initial target distance should be 25 yards. so at 25 yards, you want your impact point 1.8 inches higher than your aiming point. then just follow the rest of the instructions. tried the post just a few minutes ago and no luck either. sorry about that, this was from some of my old data nd guess he closed down. hope this helps, excuse my typing also, old fingers dont bend very good anymore.
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