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Year of Aussie

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I have mainly Aussie in cans on strippers MF 83' amd have a few 89', ...I'm wondering has anyone have or seen Aussie in cans in those years between 83-89?

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Just purchased 800 rnds of Aussie surplus.
Headstamp is MF 83
All on strippers, in bandos, in cans.
aussie aussie aussie

just came accross 4500 rounds myself :D
I figure this batch will do me for a little while :roll:
thank god I'm here ............. have to rub it in


........you would cry if I tell you how much $$ I spent
........and I cant send any tissues.
:D RED DOT! 44Magpie posted that he just bought some AFF-88 down in the Ammo Bunker, If you dont mind I'll move Your Post down there this is where it needs to be! :D :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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