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I have been nudged by a thread by W.B. Wallace, and Cowtownscout. I have had an ATN 5-18 for a while. I have been trying it in the daylight and twilight and have finally bought 123a batteries for the 850 infrared illuminator to better see in the darkness.

Last night I went out at 3:30am and fired it up. And where I was at I could see great to 200yds and there was no distortion that I could notice. After some minor adjustments the sight picture was great, although when hitting foliage the return of the beam was pretty intense the closer I was to trees. Some hands on will be needed to get used to the task at hand.

Now the weight will be a challenge as it is 3lb's and more than a handful. Looking at Cowtownscout's different types of night scopes, this model is smaller than some but has more functions, several more.

As I get more use out of it I will figure out more of the functions, and limitations. I may try this on the A1, just not quite sure yet whether to build a Rifle for garrison duty. :)
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