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In March 2004, a group of US police snipers formed a support network to address the needs of US military snipers deployed abroad in the war on terror.

The mission profile of police and military snipers have been found to overlap in the war on terror and the gear and supplies needed to accomplish the missions are very similar.

Unfortunately, many American snipers are having to spend their own money and have their families try and procure gear and get it to them in the middle of a war zone. This is due to the enormity of the US commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan and often times these servicemen go without things they need.

Being aware of this and using contacts developed throughout the US police and military communities, the police snipers were able to network with military snipers deployed abroad, obtain their overseas addresses and began sending desperately needed gear and supplies that are specifically tailored to the sniper mission, currently at the forefront of the war on terror.

The entire program is funded by civic donations and staffed by operational SWAT snipers. Every penny and all gear donated will go to a United States military sniper deployed abroad. Receipts for monies and gear will be sent upon request.

Anyone wishing to assist the program with monetary donations are encouraged to send donations to the address for Snipersonline found at www.adoptasniper.com. Gear and merchandise donations should be referred to the police detective below.

For further information, please contact Detective Brian K. Sain of the Port Arthur, Texas Police Department at one of the following:

409-983-8663 police dispatch
409-983-8613 chief of police
409-983-8643 office
409-726-4037 pager

[email protected] - BEST

Mailing/Shipping address for gear donations:

Brian K. Sain
2735 Upton Dr.
Port Arthur, Texas 77642
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Good to see you over here also. The work you are doing is too important for you not to hit all of the boards and firearm communities. I tell you what, with everything you are doing, you must have more hours in your day than the rest of us have!

Folks, Brian is the real deal. I know I'm a newbie around here, and having just found out about this site I haven't earned my stripes, but I'd ask you to do a little homework and help out an important cause if you can. There is a great thread over at the 'other' forum to give a little more discussion about Brian's 'part time job'.


If everybody can do a little, together we can do a lot.

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Thanks Griff. I am the FNG everywhere it seems.

Just got hooked up with some of the UK guys that have been helping us since day one. God Save the Queen.

Currently supporting snipers in 45 US sniper platoons OCONUS.

BK 8)

Welcome aboard, Brian. Glad to see you found the digs here as well as those "across the street." :)

For those who don't know, Brian posted an initial request a few weeks ago on the BR site for synthetic M14 stocks, because guys overseas are breaking the wood stocks and having trouble getting replacements through regular supply channels. I donated the three I had via Karsten, and Karsten also added a dozen to the pot after getting Fred's to make a donation. Many people have donated other things as well.

Take a look at Brian's website - he has a "wish list" if you want to send needed items, or you can make a monetary donation. For those of us who can't take the fight to the enemy, this is a really great way to directly support those who are. :-D

Hello All,

I am new to this site but can definitly vouch for Brian's efforts. I am one of the Sniper's that his outsatnding orgnization supports. It's true that Uncle Sugar's supply system is slow. Especially when it comes to us Sniper's that aren't SOF. We seem to get forgotten or left behind. Brian has sent us items that would take forever to get through supply channels if at all. I'd like to thank him and all who contribute. The program has indeed helped us out greatly and may have saved lives. I know it has helped take a few as well :wink: .

Cyclops, welcome aboard! I've seen your posts at www.lightfighter.net :wink:
Thanks bro,

good to be here. I'm home on R&R and thought I'd relax by checking out some new forums. I don't know why I never visited this one before.

BTW-thanks for the info on the ARMS mount.

Thanks for the job you all are doing over there. M14 stockwise, what can you guys use?

Take Care,

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