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WTT Steiner, M22, 7x50 Binos

These Military Binoculars are in great shape. I acquired them recently but use my compact ones all the time so these have to go. They are the REAL “Military” version of the ones Steiner now sells to civilians. I don’t see any defects in the optics and they are super clear. They have the military low light coatings and the vertical/horizontal ranging reticle. There is a slight tint in the optics because of the "anti-laser coating" on the lens's. I would prefer FTF and would travel half the distance for the trade with a max of 100 miles. If no local trades come up, I would ship.
Interested in a stainless 1911 but will accept all offers for a firearm trade. I would add some $$ for a “Loaded”, higher end or TRP model.
Here is the Steiner web site but keep in mind these are the REAL THING for the Military.
For fastest response, email at: wizard78(at)bellsouth.net and let me know what you have. Extra pics, on request.

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