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I have some parts thats I'm not using, and am willing to trade. The numbers in parenthesis are the "rank" that I give them. Also below is what I'm looking for in trade, also ranked.

The sadlak mount has minor wear on the finish but is otherwise like-new. Everything else is like new, and the SOCOM mount is actually unused.. it was taken off as soon as the SOCOM came out of the box.

I have:
(2) Sadak aluminum scope mount (update: unavailable, pending trade completion)
(2) SAI forward mount from a SOCOM-16 w/ black handguard.
(1) Midwest siderail mount (attaches at the gas block)
(1) SEI tritium front sight (CQ).

I'm looking for the following:
(2) Unitized (USMC style) gas cylinder assembly
(1) Sadlak TiN or SEI gas piston
(1) Sadlak or Badger Ord. NM spring guide
(1) Schuster adjustable gas plug

I'll also consider 20rd USGI and Springfield mags as one unit. I'll count 2 10rd SAI mags as a 20rd.

So, as an example trade.. I'd send along the Sadlak scope mount for a unitized gas cylinder, OR Sadlak piston and NM spring guide.

Another example might be a SEI piston for the SEI front sight.
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