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** SOLD **

I can't focus on the front sight any longer with my older eyes, so I'm selling this M1A

Rare Standard M1A w/factory camo stock and handguard. Original box is included. Built when SA was still using all USGI parts. NM trigger job by Fulton Armory. This rifle is a pre-ban (Built May 1989) and can be sold in states that still have restrictions. Included, in addition to the installed camo handguard, is the matching camo handguard that was cut for a Scout type scope mount; this handguard is broken. I will also include a custom heavy fiberglass, glass bedded stock (specifically bedded for this rifle) with a built up cheek piece. I bought this from the original owner who said he fired between 800-1000 rounds, I have fired about 200 - I'll round up and say about 1500 rounds fired from this rifle. 1 USGI mag included. Additional photos available. Excellent condition.

Springfield Armory Receiver, marked U.S. RIFLE 7.62mm M1A
Serial number 490XX. Preban (May 1989).
SAK 22” USGI Chrome Lined Barrel
HR USGI Trigger Group, TRW hammer
WCE windage knob & elevation knob,

Face to face in NM or shipped to your FFL.

$1850 delivered

Update 11-5-2010: Just got back from the gunsmith who gauged the muzzle wear and he said "a little over 0"

Partial trades: lightweight Colt CCO or Officer model or ACOG (donut, crosshair, or horseshoe reticle)

Note: for California sales, I'll replace USGI flash hider with a Smith Enterprise Coast Guard Muzzle Brake and 1 10 rd mag.
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