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I have the following for sale from projects that I never got around to:

(Pics attached at bottom)

1) Russian slab-side 30rd AK magazines. Original, milled Russian "slab-side" magazines from the late 40s or early 50s. Packed in heavy grease with original wrapping, as imported in the early 90s. Beautiful mags that would be tough to improve upon, appear unissued with no wear on followers. $70 each shipped to the lower 48. >>>SOLD, pending funds<<<

2) Complete M1 Garand Parts Kit, less receiver. Includes 'PB' Beretta barrel (dated 1955, TE = 2.5, tight muzzle, nice), SA 6535382 Op-Rod, Unmarked SA Follower Rod & spring, BMR Breda Italian Walnut stock (made by SILE), PB walnut rear handguard, unmarked SA (walnut?) front handguard, PB/BMB stock metal and screws, misc. internal receiver parts and pins, BMB (Breda) Bolt Assembly, Rear Sight assy w/ USGI parts, BMB (Breda) Trigger Group Assy (nice!), gas cylinder assembly with 'PB' cylinder and WWII SA parts. $400, includes shipping via USPS to the lower 48.
>>>SOLD, pending funds<<<

First "I'll take it" PM to me gets the item, pending funds.

- Randy -
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