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Have for sale a nice GI synthetic stock. Stripped off most of the black paint to get a better look at the dings in it. Not a bunch of them and a light skim of epoxy will fix it rith up. Was going to do it myself but decided against it. The butt plate has no dings, will clean up great. Asking $60 shipped. ITMSLD SPF

The mags are of asian origin. 1)5rd( bag is open, mags covered in grease so I haven't tried it. 1) 10rd need a little knocked off left front lip, will work. Had 2 jams out of 10rds.
1) unknown origin 30rd mag lock plate is stamped as part of magbody, polymer follower, blued body. No markings anywhere. Have not tried it.
$25 shipped for all 3. No pics of mags in link.
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