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WTO report

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I posted this Sunday morning but cannot find it on the board so I will try again. Probably a cockpit error on my part.

As many of you know I had Clayton Smith of West Texas Ordnance build a replica of a National Match M14 with USGI TRW parts. When looking for an armorer to build this rifle, I contacted all of the big names we all know. Most had time to discuss the project, some did not. However, I found Clayton through this discussion board and gave him a call. Without question, Clayton was patient and kind on the phone. He was extremely flexible with my needs and took the time to answer each of my questions intelligently and completely. When we were done, Clayton had won the work.

So, now that I’ve received the rifle how is it? In a word “exceptional”. All the parts fit tightly, nothing is loose and the action is so smooth. Clayton performed the trigger job and without question it has the best trigger of all of the rifles in my cabinet. The finish is absolutely flawless. I am here to tell you, Clayton of WTO in my opinion is one of the best M14 gunsmiths for the money. And that is my final point - the price I paid for this level of craftsmanship is very very reasonable. Clayton truly has created an heirloom quality piece that stands proud at the front of my gun locker.

I hope posting such a strong positive is proper etiquette for this board. This was just such a good experience I was hoping others might benefit from the capabilities of WTO.

So how does it shoot? - It’ll go to the range next week and we’ll see if it shoots as good as it looks – I bet it will!
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Very cool! :)
Nice words to hear, freewilly! As you guys who also frequent BR.com may recall, I chose Clayton to build my (first) M14, and should be on the firing line with her soon.

Lurking here has kept me sane while I've waited :roll:

I'm anxious to see his work up close after all that I've heard. Clayton has been incredibly helpful throughout the process and has done a great job of keeping me up to date on the build status. Indeed, I spoke to Clayton yesterday and it would appear that our only remaining issue is working out precisely which barrel I'll end up with - I had specified a chrome-lined Wilson (based on Wilson's expected availability at the time of my order), but the Wilson seems to be on perpetual "two weeks" status. At this point I'm simply waiting for Clayton to receive and inspect a TRW barrel that he purchased last week for potential use on my rifle. The bottom line is that after having waited through what seems like the longest month and spending an inordinate amount of time and money collecting additional M14 parts, pieces, surplus ammo, etc., I should be getting pretty darn close to being able to post pics and range reports.

But the waiting... tick... tock... tick...tock... tick... :D

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I talked to Clayton this afternoon,
He's doing the M14 Garand conversion for me, using my pre-ban SA M1A as the starting point.
I should have it in about a week. And I cant wait.............
As stated above, Clayotn is a really freindly guy and will talk to you about what ever you want.

I highly recommend WTO

Had to add my $0.02 worth - and give freewilly's post a bump in the process. Still waiting to hear back from Clayton about when my rifle will be ready to ship, but anticipate being every bit as delighted as willy when it arrives.

Meanwhile, willy's on vacation... which will include one or more trips to the range... and I'm jealous :lol:

We'll post pics of the two "brothers" together when mine makes an appearance.
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