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The M2 bipod was intended to be mounted with the legs pointing back toward the reciever but it will go on just fine either way.

If you mount it so the legs go back, it will beat up your stock in no time flat - it did mine. Since I replaced the black crinkle stock on my Loaded Standard, I haven't used it because it beat the paint off the stock and gouged it up pretty bad with just a couple of trips to the range. :cry:

Because the bipod mounts directly to the gas system, it will probably effect your accuracy some and it certainly makes the rifle "front-heavy". I'm not trying to be negative here, but that was my experience. I posted a question about the use of the M2 bipod quite a while ago and got back similar comments from others who had used them.

Most bipods are repros (which is fine with me) and I got one from Springfield by using the coupon that came with the rifle. I just wanted to have one, even though it's off the rifle and stored now. I put a Harris bipod on for plinking at the range.

I saw a few of them in the 'Nam but hardly anyone used them, except for full-auto from a fixed position. My Marine buddies said they were too heavy and cumbersome to pack around.

One the other hand, they do have a certain "Cool Factor" to them. :mrgreen:


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Also.... if you are contemplating the purchase of a Harris Bipod, the legs need to be pointed forward when folded up to keep it from collapsing while shooting when in use. The USMC DMR uses the Harris Bipod and the pics in the TM show it forward when folded up too :mrgreen:
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