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Wrong powder .... blew up rifle

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Well it happens. I have been in the ammo business for a long time. This not the first h110 mix up i have seen. I have had my almost blow up as well. I put the enfaces on ALMOST. I was loading some 45/70 using RX7. I finished up for the day, pulled the jug off the shelf dumped the measure out , put it all away. Couple days later I was loading 300 mag. Pulled the jug that said RX22 filled the measure and got started. I was about 10 rounds into it when something caught my eye. I was seeing an odd grain structure in the powder. I thought at first it was distortion from the curved plastic hopper. I stopped got a closer look and I had 2 powders mixed. This all happened at the time when Aliant changed the labeling on the jugs from the color code number system to strait numbers using red righting only. I had park both jugs next to each other on the shelf. When I was putting away the RX7 from the previous day ,I simply pulled the black jug with red righting and dumped it all back not looking at the number that said 22. This would have been a real bad boom ,75gr of RX7 would not have gone over to well to say the least. The long and short of it is It happens the the best of use sooner or later.
Be carful double check your labels. If you can not positively I.D. a powder DON"T US IT. Free sometimes has a price.
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