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worth of a 1903a3

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What would be the worth of a Smith Corona with all original parts and proper stock cartouched?

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Had a gunsmith friend offer to sell me his own personal SC a few months back for $700.00. Everything matched according to the books we checked and it was absolutely beautiful. The stock had the correct cartouches according to what we could see without stripping the rifle down.

I don't know whether this was a good price or not, but if I would have had the money, that rifle would be sitting in my safe right now.

I've been haunting the CMP site trying to decide what to get for my first 03-A3 and I know you can get Remington, Springfield or Rock Island for $400 through the E-Store, but it doesn't look like they have any SCs for sale at the E-store or at the North Store. I know I'd make the 9-10 hour drive to the North Store if some Smith-Coronas showed up for sale.

Sure would love to have a second chance at the rifle I passed up.

As you can tell, I'm certainly no expert on these rifles, but I hope this helps a little.

Thanks for the response that does seem like the going rate upon inspection of the web.

At the time i was offered the rifle it was between the 03a3 by SC or a P-14 enfield. I just could'nt let the o3 go so i snached it up for 300 bucks.

the gentelman selling it was a long time springfield collecter and had sold most of his stock as he was not intrested in firearms anymore. He saved this O3 because it was unfired(proof fired). He had just sold a month before a a4 sniper but I was not that lucky. I wish I didnt pass up on the original bayonet(the uncut one) but he threw in a original bandolier with '43 dated LCs. I guess he gave me a good price becuase he saw my youth and enthusiam and I thank him for cutting me such a great deal. I plan on passing this rifle down to my son.
When I was a senior in HS , I bought 3 Smith-Corona 03A3s , in guaze/cosmoline wrap for $100. Unused since recondition , new stocks , reparked. Those were the days.
You guys are killing me....$100....$300....etc. for a SC 1903! 8O

I just got one recently....what should I look for to see if it is an all matching SC 1903A3?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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