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I know I have not been contributing much lately, but let me explain why... and it is M14 related, so I guess this section should be okay...

This past bedding project taught me more than just bedding a rifle... it taught me (the hard way) that an organized work area is priority one in helping to do a good job. I found that I needed to organize my tools and workspace to accomodate different jobs and projects that I was doing... so this is what has kept me busy for the last few days...

I added some really strong shelves and a new Big Red tool box to my work area and rearranged everything to be more accessible... this tool box is dedicated to tools and equipment that I need to upkeep my firearms...

I have found this movable desk to be perfect for work that may require you to move around the rifle or spin the desk to meet your needs. So far this computer desk is perfect for what I have been doing.

Now to make more projects for myself and to keep busy!!! Yeah! :lol:

And, I hope to be posting more and with some pics to make them more interesting... Have fun with your work area... :lol:

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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