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wooden handguards for M1A?

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anyone make a wooden handguard for the M1A? i dont like the cheapness of the plastic one on it now.
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they had 'em @ first, but had problems with 'em catchin' fire, with auto, & perhaps sustained rapid fire
does anyone still sell or make them? i dont plan on bumpfiring my M1A.
Try Fulton Armory, they sell Walnut wood handguards. If they are out, go to Boyd's Boys... Boyds make Walnut wood handguards as well. Boyds also has laminated ones if you are interested.

I hope this helps.


Tom O.
I think Freds has them too.

I prefer the vented versions but wouldn't use one at Camp Perry on an early August day.

-- Chuck
MidwayUSA is another source for the Boyd's wooden handguard.

If you get one, be prepared to do some fitting work on the under side of guard to get it to fit properly. Dremel tool time. 8)
mmmm. that boyd's walnut oil finished one that is on midwayUSA is so much better looking to me than the regular old brown plastic of fibreglass.

thank you all very much for pointing me in their direction.
Boyds has em. Got mine from Fajen years ago. They will get hot , crack and maybe smoke is you let a full mag or two loose rapid fire. Mine did.
Here's a pic of mine with the Boyd's I got on sale from Midway ($15.99) a year ago.

Click on pic for larger image
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