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Wood Stock Identification... painting synthetic stocks?

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I recently got a very good deal on a an M1A that has an M14 stock with the selector cut out. The stock literally looks brand new...

I was at a gun shot today looking at springfields with wood stocks, and none of them had an identification mark on it that mine has. Mine has a box with stars and an eagle in it on the left hand side (opposite of the ejection port). Is there a web reference where I can read more about this mark? I was told that it was a mark used on M14s that were made in the 50's, and when I asked if Springfield Armory made reproductions, he didn't know. I did end up finding one that was in worst shape that mine selling for $150.00 at the gun show...

Anyhow, until I find out more about this stock I have pulled it off the gun and replaced it with a synthetic stock that I got for $20.00... it's a bit rough, but fits very nicely, very snug and no play in the barrel or trigger mechanism.

Can somebody point me to directions on how to paint them and what paint to use? I just want to paint it black... I don't like the brown color of it now...

Any information would be greatly appreciated...

Pictures of the M1A I got... now, I don't have a picture of the mark, and these pictures really don't do justice of how good of shape it is in...



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The mark, cartouche on the wood stock is the post war DOD acceptance stamp I believe. Should be there on most USGI stocks. Yours should also have P stameped on the pistol grip.
Common marking for USGI stocks.
Big Red Birch stocks do not have these to my limited knowledge.
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