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I was going through some of our spare parts for M-14s at work and noticed all of these different types of windage knobs. Didn't find a single elevation knob so they must have been easily broken on the drill M-14 rifles on pavement. Thought you guys might like to see what the markings look like.
Here is what I found from a previous post:

Bruce Machine and Engineering - BME, made for Springfield Armory
Druge Brothers - DRC, made for TRW
Frazier Manufacturing - FZR
Stewart Iron Works - SWK
Weather Manufacturing - W inside a hexagon
Wico Electric - WCE, made for TRW
Wright Manufacturing - HRA-W, made for H&R
Wright Manufacturing - WRIGHT, made for TRW

Pictured are DRC, SWK, WCE, 64406(?), HRA-W, P B, Wright. Separate picture is a BME. The sight bases I had are mostly unmarked but I did have a HR and OMB3
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