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Winchester Model 94 stock work

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I have a pre-64 Model 94 that belonged to my grandmother. She was a rather small woman and the butt stock was trimmed about and inch and a half. It was way in the back of the house during a fire and got some smoke damage. My grandpa...rest his soul...had an old friend who was a "gunsmith" talk him into letting him "refinish" it for him. Well, needless to say, it's now reblued and varnished up as one could only imagine.

Obviously there are millions of them out there and this one has very little collector value, but it is special to me. I'd like to find a gunsmith to change the wood on it. I don't need a Turnbull restoration, just some new wood.

Any recommendations for a smith?

Thanks in advance.
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If it is a family heirloom, why not do it yourself? Not that hard and will make it all the more special.
Consider your self lucky, I have a 94 Saddle ring carbine that was made in 1899 that some body drilled and tapped a hole right in the middle of the upper tang [right in the middle of the Winchester logo] for a tang sight. they also scratched there name on the side with a nail or some thing. My gun smith has a jeweler that can re-engrave the logo if I weld it up. they also coated the stock and forend with shellac. Actually this is the one rifle I hate to shoot, it kicks harder then any rifle I have.

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