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Winchester M1

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About a year ago I purchased my M1 it has a Winchester receiver but after taking it apart I found: gas-trap bolt, H&R op-rod, SA trigger group. Well I've bought a NIW WRA bolt, and just found and bought WRA op-rod, trigger group, and barrel. It has a Hart stainless installed in .308 so I'll just keep the barrel as a spare. I can hardly wait for the parts to arrive! My Armscor M1A is all winchester also and my SA scout has winnie bolt, op-rod, and trigger group as well. Sorry to ramble just had to share. :D
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"Bamaboy = Winchester boy"!! Good deal and congrats on getting the parts. Let us know how it shoots Im interested in a conversion like this myself.
Way to go, Bamaboy :!:
8) 8) 8)

With that kind a luck, I would head out and purchase a lottery ticket. ;)

I got my Winchester M1 from the old DCM program over a decade ago.
I was prepaired by the other club members to expect a less than perfect but servicable Garand from the DCM.
After waiting nearly a year, I finaly got my letter requesting my $165.00.
Soon my DCM Garand came to me in the mail in a long cardboard box.
Although my knowledge of Garands at that time was very limited, I knew I had gotten lucky in the draw. It was a near perfect Winchester reciever with an LMR barrel, NM oprod and gas system, and some the nicest walnut I had ever seen on any service grade M1 at the club.
I took it to the range and showed of my new pride and joy to our most respected double distinguished marksman in the club. He advised me not to shoot the rifle in the club matches if I had another gun to compete with.
I did have my first M1 I had gotten from a flea market to shoot, so I took his advise and kept my DCM gun in my safe. I had my Winchester several months before I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to know if it could shoot as well as it looked. I made up some ammo and went to the range. The DCM Winchester put all eight shots in the ten ring from the 300. I took it home, cleaned it and put it back in the safe. I have never shot it again since that day.
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