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Winchester Big Red USGI Stock

Not your collector's grade Big Red, but still a looker. Perfect for someone who's on somewhat of a budget but wants a solid stock. Some bengal tiger-like striping on both sides of buttstock. She's got some battlescars, but no major flaws. Hairline Surface cracks, both pictured, epoxied and sanded down.

One of the 'ears' of the buttstock near the hinge of the buttplate was nearly broken off when I received it. Epoxied it, clamped it down, and sanded it down when it cured.

Teak oil finish. Stained with a combination of brown, red, and orange StewMac stains. I wanted to emphasize the idea of 'Big Red' but not enough to overpower the other colors. Really pops in the sun. Wet sanded to 2000 grit and buffed with wood wax.

Includes very good condition solid hand guard, and KMT buttplate.

$100 Shipped, very fair for a great Big Red with this finish job and KMT buttplate.
Paypal gift preferred, USPS Money order also accepted.

First "I'll take it" gets it, followed by PM.
Stock is cross posted.

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