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I have two stocks for sale. I would refinish them myself, unfortunately they both have cracks that I don't have the materials nor the time to repair. Don't head to the door just yet, they're both easily repairable to the right person. Both are in very good condition with minimal dings. Both have all metals minus buttplates and rear swivels. Handguards included with both (not pictured)

$65 SHIPPED FOR BOTH. Would prefer to sell together but will sell separately.
Paypal gift or USPS Money Order

Considering shipping for both will be 20 bucks, you're getting each for $22.50 a piece.

First "I'll take them" gets them, followed up by PM.

Pictured below in order (top-bottom, left-right)
1) Winchester Big Red Birch- cracked through from ferrule to the front swivel.
2) H. Sacks & Sons? striped birch (believed to be Sacks through research, no visible markings)- surface crack from front swivel to top of stock liner. Wood has dimensions of a Big Red though, thicker dimensions in fore-end, wrist, and butt-stock. Stock was strippped before crack was discovered.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts