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Winchester 9410

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I bought one of those nifty new Winchester 9410 models, NiB, about maybe 5 - 6 yrs ago, just a year or so before the original Winchester Arms Co folded and stole off into the night. Then, when U.S. Repeating Arms/Winchester did fold, these little babies became quite rare.



BTW, this is a factory design smooth-bore (!!) Winchester 94 that fires the .410 shotgun round, and it has hi-viz TRUGLO fiber optic front sight bead and a buckhorn rear sight. It could be fitted with a Williams ghost-ring style rear sight, since the receiver's drilled & tapped.

It's a very nice little piece for, say, a handy, light trail carbine sitting in your scabbard, or as a pack-pack carry gun that could dispatch a coyote, cougar (with slugs), smaller deer, javelina, certainly some quail or grouse, or even a persistent 2LM (2-legged miscreant) (esp. given the latest .410 Judge-oriented "Personal Defense" rounds that carry a small slug plus a few other tactical assorted nutz & boltz bitz down the tube!


Anyhow, I do not need it, it's never been fired, and I'm hoping to liberate it to a good home!

Anyone have any actual hands-on experience with one of these?