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Winchester 1873 32wcf worth saving?

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There is a rusty Winchester 1873 32wcf rifle down at the local shop. 24" octagon barrel. No butt stock and some smaller parts missing. Serial number is 255K range so maybe 1887? Bore needs to be cleaned up. Would you pick it up and slowly get original period parts in about the same condition to get it working?
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I bought a dust cover on ebay for my 1873 in 32WCF, and the auction said to check out his other 1873 parts, so I did.

Looks like he took a complete rifle, and simply parted it out; everything but the receiver was up for sale. That seems like a shame to do, but out of curiosity, I followed all his auctions to see what they closed for. He sold for about $1200, when the complete rifle was worth something like $800. So there is a market out there for parts.

Even rusty, I bet you can photograph and document the amount of rust, and people will still buy it. If I am missing a pert, a rusty replacement is better than no replacement ... could be a fun project.

By the way, my dust cover is a little looser than I would like, so if you decide to part this one out, I might be interested in the dust cover .....
That's what I have done with mine: hung it over the door in the shop. Someone welded together a couple of old horseshoes, and I got some leather and stitched up a covering, so they make nice decorative hooks. I think mine is an '84 or '87 production, if I recall. Mostly petina. I might shoot it someday.
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