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Winchester 1873 32wcf worth saving?

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There is a rusty Winchester 1873 32wcf rifle down at the local shop. 24" octagon barrel. No butt stock and some smaller parts missing. Serial number is 255K range so maybe 1887? Bore needs to be cleaned up. Would you pick it up and slowly get original period parts in about the same condition to get it working?
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It would take sizeable investment, but Turnbull Restorations can bring back the rifle to like new condition and it would still "fetch" a handsome resale value even being restored.
Turnbull's work is amazing and check out his web site for examples of the work he does, works of gun art. Just a suggestion.
"Turnbull is expensive and overated...," who does the restorations of such firearms better for less cost?? As for value of their work, you will note they do indeed fetch premium prices for them and are sought by those who consider themselves not only as collectors but actual users/shooters of the firearms upon restoration.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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