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Winchester 1873 32wcf worth saving?

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There is a rusty Winchester 1873 32wcf rifle down at the local shop. 24" octagon barrel. No butt stock and some smaller parts missing. Serial number is 255K range so maybe 1887? Bore needs to be cleaned up. Would you pick it up and slowly get original period parts in about the same condition to get it working?
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Some parts reproduction are easy to find like the lever links. Basically your buying a receiver...unless its not pitted with most parts, under $250.00 I would pass..... Built small and large frame winchesters...can become expensive. The 32-20 was anemic at best...that frame is set up for lower power rounds...you can't swap Barrels between the 38-40 and 44 -40 and the 25 20 and the 32-20, figure shooting 32-20 or other low pressure ctg.PS just PS noted your in Hawaii ....add 25% to cost for shipment...but when guns become totally outlawed there you have a pre 98 so your good to go.
Turdball is expensive and over rated in my book. If its 38/40 its worth a little more but not much...poor cond on any drives price down, I have a DOM 1903, 3rd version 38/40 mint bore, 70% factory blue, vg good tight, I can't get my asking of 2600.00... to redo that rifle it will never equal a factory issue value...re-blueing kills prices... ...youll spend 2000.00 easy to fix it up.
I know of a few Winchester specialists in Texas that do as good for 1/3 the price of Turdball. Cylinder and Slide for pistols.

Heres one.......https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct...lD5T24UMkz6AZLvBw&sig2=pYsxQxIy-eWCdRjCUAazuQ
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