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WHOA HOSS?!? What is this I just found...

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but an honest-to-goodness - for real - I've wanted one forever but didn't know where to find one - I think I'm in love - Santa, I've been a good boy - Oh, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE?!? (sorry, got a little nuts there - I hate it when that happens!) :oops: :oops: :oops:


Marliln 1894FG

I'm hitting my favorite gun store tomorrow to order one of these. I even found a 7 1/2" SS SA .41 mag revolver (my next present to... ME).

Life is good.

BTW - Did I mention that I like .41 mags???

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Let me know if you can't get one.

We have them in stock at our store.
Will Do - farmerj. "I gots ta have one."

I think ya otta get one for each 41 revolver you have
Now you're talkin'. :D :D :D

If I had a lever gun and revolver for each day of the week, I "might" be able to guard the donut box in the Geedunk so that the rest of us here on the Firing Line might be able to get a some "bear sign" when a certain somebody, who shall remain nameless (Hunting Hawk) sneaks in with his "lunch hooks" poised for a "grab and run". :p :p :p

It's on the way... \:D/

Marlin 1894FG

Should be here Wednesday, along with it's new little brother. They wanted to be "adopted" together - What could I do? :p

Ruger .41 Mag, 6 1/2" bbl.


Is that a 1894FG your are getting duckbuck??
Man sure is a cool pair there db now wipe the drool off your chin floor keybroad ect ect. :lol:
HH - yep, it sure is!!! I'm like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs right now. Is it Wednesday yet??? :lol: Can't wait to get my hands on the little beauty. I'm gonna try to get um slicked up a bit and to the range some time this week. Both are supposed to be here tomorrow.

Hey There Fred - I'm sorry, but I can't stop the droolin' just yet. Just found out that Speer just brought out my very favorite handgun round in .41 mag this year - Speer Gold Dots!!! \:D/ Gonna have to order some 210 gr Gold Dots ASAP.

Man - I love it when a plan comes together.

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Don't forget to get that western style belt & holster for the Ruger duckbuck.
It's on the "to-do" list. :D :D :D
So uh ........ you ain't gonna get any sleep tonight huh? Maybe the wife oughta chain ya to the porch tomorrow so ya don't chase every delivery truck that passes :lol: :lol:

I do hope it's works real well for ya ;)

Oh now, Jack! I'm not anxious at all... What was that??? Never mind - just the neighbor's dog.

I'll get a good night's sleep and be right as rain in the morning. Nothin' to it. :^o

You'll have to excuse me now cuz I gotta go pump up my "rubber lady" so I can be comfy sleeping near the telephone downstairs. 8-[

They're Here!!!

Pics to follow (after I wipe the fingerprints and drool off) :D :D :D

Almost had to arm-wrassle the owners 12 year old son - he wanted my rifle. Good thing his Dad stepped - I might'a got hurt. :lol: :lol:

Here is a couple of pics of both - right out of the box.

The neighbors better watch out - things are about to get real "western" around here (at least at the range - that is). :D

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Happy holidays for Wild Bill duckbuck. Did you gat a bandana for mafia dog when you go western????
Nice stick of wood on the long gun ..... add a 6.5X20 power scope to it an' yew be ready fer anythin' huh? :D

Nice display Duckbuck :p Need to put a cover over them to keep the dust off and then put a sign on the glass stating "in case of emergency break glass. Then put the display on the mantle over the fire place.
Thanks for the kind comments, guys.

HH - Like I said last night, the "Mafia Dog" wants a 10-gallon hat but I don't think I'll let him wear it where you suggested... :lol: :lol: :lol:

I've got a spare 6 X 24 scope, Jack, but I think I'll keep the irons on this one. :lol: Don't think I'll use it for anything but targets and the occasional varmint - don't think I need a scope for the "varmints". It's hard enough to lead a screaming burglar with irons. :lol:

Glad to see there's somebody else out there that likes the .41 mag, Paladin. I hope I get as much shootin' fun out of these that you have had with yours. I was very pleasantly surprised with the wood grain in the stock - didn't expect it to be so nice.

Good thoughts about the rear sight. I also noticed you don't have a hooded front sight. Did the hood "fall" off? Last rifle I had with a hooded front site was my .375 H&H - never did care for it. I took it off for hunting.

I was headed to the range this morning and woke up pouring rain and now that the rain has quit, the darned wind is blowing 25-30 mph and gonna get stronger as the afternoon passes. :cry:

Hey there steve - Nah!!! I'm just gonna shoot em - that's what they're for, right? Been waiting for quite a while, saving up for these guns, so Yeah - I'm a little stoked. :p :p :p

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