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WHO HAS the best supply of parts and prices???

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BEEN SHOOTING the M1As more lately and figured I would restock the parts can.
How has the best supply of GI parts and how do you contact them?

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For USGI M14 bolts and oprods, mostly HRT and 66118 (Winchester), check Numrich Guns Parts, www.e-gunparts.com. Bolts complete are $73 and oprods are $76 in very good to excellent condition. They are out of gas cylinders and pistons. Their elevation spindles are cast comercial.

They have complete trigger groups for $89, but LRB, has them for $65, www.lrbarms.com. Also, check Armscorp, www.armscorpusa.com for good prices on some parts too.
I only got a few of them, ha, ha! With the AGI special discount, the price was $73. Well like they say, 'All things will pass away' and 'If you snooze, you loose'!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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