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WHO HAS the best supply of parts and prices???

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BEEN SHOOTING the M1As more lately and figured I would restock the parts can.
How has the best supply of GI parts and how do you contact them?

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honestly there is no 1 place. its best to scour the boards and snag the "steals and deals" as they come available. Be leary of ebay, there is the occasional good deal but that isnt the norm.

Just have to keep your eyes peeled basically, ive also had good luck networking with friends to trade one item for another etc...

Also the "non" M14 sites are a good source for deals as alot of those folks are not bit by the bug, and will let items go for realistic prices (snagged a NEW Brookfield mount last night for $220).

From what i see gone are the days of a "single" source of good parts at GOOD prices.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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