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WHO HAS the best supply of parts and prices???

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BEEN SHOOTING the M1As more lately and figured I would restock the parts can.
How has the best supply of GI parts and how do you contact them?

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I might not have the best supply yet but I got the best prices in town. I got a LOT MORE suppliers than I got time to list on my website too and can special order anything shooting, hunting, or gun related you could possibly imagine. You really should check my prices on scopes! If you see it advertised cheaper I usually can beat it.
Warbirds got quite the stash over there too. And he's a fairly decent gunsmith. From what I hear anyway. :lol: :lol: I build my own so don't require his services much! I know where he lives though just in case. When you gona come visit and bring some toys over warbird? I want to go prairie doggin together sometime!
Hawk is another great guy! That man can handle all your stock needs.
Dighawaii will come out of his hole some day and get in the game of providing some kind of service to you all. If he ever gets the time apart from all his guns! He's a great find it person for now! And a great photographer too if you need pictures posted.
I know I'm leaving out a bunch of people so sorry to the rest of you but my fingers are cramping.
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Well if a pig decides to commit suicide by getting in front of the two of us I'm not gonna stop you!
Actually I need to find out if we can hunt here anymore for the summer, I think it's closed now, But I went to Lake allen Henry a couple weeks ago and we did some hog driving. We never could get a safe shot off with the other hunters there but me and you with our snipers up high on the ridge about 500 yards out and 500 apart can really open up a can of whoop [email protected]# on them nasty old hogs. We can get my son with his brush buster and a couple other freinds down in the river chasing them out and while they are scooting up the banks nail em in the head!
It can easily be done without endangering anyone below. 8O
If we miss the bullet goes into mud and won't ricochet and they will be wearing orange and a good distance away too usually.
You got any good hog hunting we can get into cheap? MY freezer is almost empty. :cry:
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BKENNEDY: I'm there anytime you want. Seriously! Just give me a call. That's only about what, 3 hours. I should know. I've been through there twice in the last month. I went huting and fishing with a freind of mine on his lease down on the colorado. My boy and I could always use a good hog hunt. The freezer is getting awfuly empty! We were gonna go on vacation next week to san antonio and corpus but as luck would have it my transmission just fried in out NEW jeep. I guess I'm glad it did it at home instead of on the road but still. I would normally rebuild it myself but I got 2 engines and a trans I'm rebuilding at the same time at my day job and a ton of gunsmithin stuff here at night. I had to farm it out and it won't be ton till sometime next week. What are you doing next weekend??? I still got two trucks and my wifes hotrod I can drive. A mule too if I get really desperate. :lol:
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How far is farmington from here. I don't know much about NM. Only been to Hobbs before. Oh well. Keep in touch and we'll do something.
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