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With regard to the boyds stock, I had both at one point. The Regular looking one without the inletting is called a type I the one with the inletting is a type II. I prefer the type I because the type II is extra extra wide however, as you already know it is inleted for a rear lug and the trigger area is inleted as well. I wound up selling the type II as new, after handling it I decided it was way to wide for my tastes. If you are familiar with the M14 Fajen stock, its about as wide as it. Seeing how you don't have a rear lug the type I would be a nice choice if you want that brand new look.
As far as getting a "slave" I assume you are referring to, as mentioned a barrel that you can use as a jig? If so I know LRB has several de-milled front ends. I am not sure what they are selling them for but it includes a gas cylinder. Not sure if they still have them in stock either.
I agree with what was said about getting a beater stock to practice bedding on. Again I know LRB has a bin of cracked stocks in front of the display case that you can more than likely get on the cheap.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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