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A long, LONG time ago I lost track of how many NM "glass" jobs I did on all sorts of G.I. stocks with M14's in both standard and rear lug configuration.

Bottom line. If you don't use a rear lug, there are no problems using even the skinniest G.I. Walnut stocks.

IF YOU HAVE A REAR LUG on the receiver, then you have to have a fatter G.I. wood stock. The reason for this is the top rear of the stock has to be fat enough both for the lug and glass to go into the stock and enough stock "meat" around it on the back left side so the stock doesn't crack. Remember, the heel of the Garand or M14 receiver twists/torques and when you add the rear lug - you need enough stock "meat" that it won't crack through the side of the stock.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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