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Which M-14 manual do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer and why? (poll)

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In using a book for reference for gunsmithing and / or troubleshooting the M-14, which book do you prefer? Kuhnhausen or Duff? and why?

I myself have both and used both, but prefer Kuhnhausen's shop manual. Seems to be more in detail and maybe a bit eqasier to understand. At least for me anyway.
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I use Scott Duff's book. I agree that it can sometimes be a little confusing. Besides FM 23-8, it's all I currently have. Next gun show I'll have to pick up Kunhhausen's book as well.

I have both and voted for the Kuhnhausen manual. It goes in to alot more detail, with plenty of pictures to refer to, which helps when you are first starting to learn. I bought the Duff book first, but have not used it since I bought the Kuhnhausen manual.
Just don't ever try that jerry k idea of free floating your m-14. My dad talked me into it and all I did was ruin a perfectly good barrel band. It sucked. as for the rest of the book it was ok but I prefer duffs ideas as far as match prep. It is much the same as I learned in the service and works.
Kuhnhausen's book isn't 100% complete on the subject, but it is excellent, and is the best available tech manual for the rifle that I know of.

Also well grease-smudged are my copies of his S&W revolvers and 1911 books.
Hi Hawk!

I have the Kuhnhausen Shop Manuals, Duff's book and Poyer's book and I like them all... I actually use the Kuhnhausen and Duff books for all of the work on my rifles... I try to extract as much info before doing anything to save on making mistakes, which can add up!

Poyer's book is okay, some info I found interesting, but I think if you put a cover on Different's article on M14's it would be as, if not more, interesting. Now, I also know others that have wrote pieces on M14's, reloading, etc. and maybe it would be a good idea to see if we could collect all of this material and put it someplace that everyone could access... hmmm.... the Firing Line Library? Well, it was a thought.

Lot's of people here also have written procedures and that could be there as well or in the Knowledgebase section.... I know the stuff Bill Ricca has is "invaluable or worth its weight in gold"!

Just thinking...


Tom O.
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That's a good idea Tom! we should get all of the stuff we have all written together somewhere for referance material. It could help a lot of people in the future. I still got that one on reloading on my site and I can't remember who did it but that one with the excellent pics of the bedding process that just came up recently was top notch work.
Kuhnhausens book is the only 1 I've ever used (for 15 years now) and still do when needed.

warbird out
Although I like Duff as well as Poyer, I feel that Kunhausen is the best reference I have. I would like to see an update to include some of the truths about the Chinese types and the LRB story also. We need some information on the ture qaulity of the Chinese parts as well considering the USGI componets are slowing drying up.
I have and use the Duff book at the moment as I have not yet aquired the Kuhnhausen manual.

I'm with you on an updated version to include LRB and the Chinese rifles.


I only have the Poyer book, which along with this site, is ALL I need! :D
detail work i like jerry k's book. for general information duff's book is better. poyers book is here and i read that one too.
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