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Where did my M-14 go???

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Estonia got 40,500
Lithuania got 40,000
Tawain got 30,450

But how many were made & where are the rest??
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If I remember the production totals for the M14 were around 1.3 million. You forgot Israel which got lots, don't know how many. In the mid 1980's quite a few thousand were imported as parts kits from Israel. Most of the Israeli total were demilled by Israel, we know that from importation documents a board member uncovered when the MKS debacle was in progress. He found the importation of demilled receivers that had originated in Israel.

Also some were sent to the Domican Republic, but again I don't know how many. And I am sure a large quantity were captured when Vietnam fell.

As far as how many were actually demilled is anybody's guess. Shortly after getting into this business I saw demilled M14's that had originated from Rock Island, that was 1975-76. During the early 1990's large sums of M14's were demilled. I don't have total but approximately 300,000 stocks were released on the market, each one came from a demilled M14.

I estimate that total from the bid sheets and what I remember being awarded. One dealer got 3-4 tractor trailer loads of stocks.

It is a complex question, one that would require access to many different types of government records to be sure.

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Thats the most depressing story I ever heard. I'd give my left n_t for a m14....................SP/4 twiggy
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