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where can one find AK-74 magazines?

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I was looking into getting a fullsize 5.45 AK type but I cant find a place to get mags for the rifle. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance

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Northridge has them too. I've bought 2 sets of magazines for my AK-74 from them and they've worked great. Price has gone up admittedly over the last 2 years and they're now $29.95 for an East German AK-74 Mag Set
4 30 rd. Magazines, Cleaning Kit, Magazine Loader, 4 Stripper Clips and Raindrop Camo Pouch.

Hope that helps some.

I do have to admit that Northridge can be slow at shipping. They were fast for me but others complain they take a long time.
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