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My 14's accuracy all of a sudden went south.... :( I checked the normal things, Front sight, Flash suppressor, lockup in the stock and all were fine except that the front sight was a slight but loose. Tightened it and went back to the range and attempted to sight her back in. No good still the same. Rds all over the place. :( I checked my sight allignment and picture and it seemed normal :D Now I went today to put on the stock that I got from Six and Skratch and I noticed something. The op rod wasn't centered on the gas piston like it should be. The op rod guide was loose. Never thought of that. when I was checking for problems. Just figured I'd let yawl know so if it happens to you, you can check the op rod guide also. :D Have to take her out to the range and feed her some of that Gold Metal Match stuff to make her feel better :lol:
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