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What's your favorite deer hunting rifle?

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Simple question, when you hunt the bigger game whats your favorite rifle and why?
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My favorite is my only rifle - my M1A Scout :)
7x57 Mauser, it's not a shoulder beater.

This year though I will use my M14, now that a scope is installed on it.
Modified '03-A3 (I will not say "sporterized) with a Lyman Alaskan scope. With proper bullet placement it will take anything in North America - yes, including ol' "grizz"! Simple, strong, acceptable accuracy with most ammunition - I use Silver Tips when going after large game. The rifle is almost indestructable, so when I am out in the bush in the rain, fog, snow, etc, I don't worry about it failing. I will fail before the rifle!
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My LRB M25 with a 5R barrel, and my Savage flat-back 110 with a Benchmark 5R barrel. My Savage will be my primary this year, now that the overhaul is complete.

Both are very accurate, reliable and built for field use. They are a little on the heavy side (both in the 12 pound range), but if I miss a shot, it won't be any fault of the rifle. The M25 is great for follow up shots.

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I use a Remington 700 ADL in .270 with a Leupold scope & rings. I painted the black synthetic stock & added a Remington supercell recoil pad. I bought this rifle specifically for hunting deer & it has been a great rifle, also much cheaper than hitting a deer with my truck which happens all the time out here (almost hit one yesterday!)
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rem 7400 308 it's light
knight kp1 300 win mag
Rem M600 350 Rem Mag - woods gun, and it works.GI2
1894 Winchester 30-30
Winchester '94 in 30-30 for the tight woods and my Winchester Model 70 in .270 Win for the open spaces.
Model 700 SPS in 7-08. Ditched the XMark trigger for a Timney. 140 grain pills and sub moa all day long. She is light also, easy to hump around all day if needed...
1948 Winchester Model 70 in 30-06.

Because it is the rifle my Dad taught me to hunt with and he gave it to me a few years before his passing in 2014.

A 180 grain, blunt tip 30-06 round placed on the neck of a deer will knock it dead down.
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Remington Model 700 Classic in .270 win. Purchased in 1978.
I hunt mostly small black tail deer and small 150lbs. sow pigs, it doesn't take much to take them down, I've been using an early production Interarms Mark X (Mauser 98 action) in .243 Winchester with 100gr. Hornady Interlock SPBT bullets for both. I have it in a pillar bedded and barrel floated Bell and Carlson synthetic Cardelite stock, a Timney Featherweight trigger and a 4-12x50 Swarovski HABICHT series scope, it shoots 1/2" groups at 100-yards with my handloads.

I also have a Winchester Model 70 Super Grade (post-64 but controlled push feed) in .270 Win. that I use for mule deer and elk, it has a Leupold VX-III Long Range 4.5-14x44 side focus scope.

I'm a meat hunter, I don't have a single mount.

Mac GI6
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Winchester model 70 featherweight in .308

Super light weight, and the .308 well is just my favorite "all around" caliber for that purpose. I've hunted from upstate NY to Colorado and it just seems to "always" get the job done the first time every time.
Browning A Bolt II in .300 Winchester Sausage Maker. A lot of gun? Yes. But I don't want them going too far.
Tikka t3 lite, it is guaranteed to shoot under an 1 inch at 100 yards and has a great trigger out of the box. Light and fast handling. For the money I don't think it has a competitor. I have one in 300wsm which I use for deer/hogs and a 204 that I use for coyotes. They make a compact version in 308 which would be a wonderful choice for anyone.
Other than my Marlin 336 30-30 I carry a Kimber 6400 in 7mm08. Loaded with 140 grain nosler Ballistic tip bullets, toped with 3x9 Leopold ..
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