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What's with the finish on New Springfield M1A's?

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One of the guys at the Gun Shop where we work got a new Springfield Standard M1A. While waiting for the 10 day DELAY, he wanted me to show him how to disassemble clean and lube it.

During a slow period we went in the back and started to strip it down. I notice first off it had no lube in the Op Rod Cam area. The bolt roller was bone dry! :? Then I started looking at the rest of the rifle and noticed what appears to be bare spots on the receiver in the lug locking area and on the bolt lug. A spot inside the receiver where it looks like a glop of metal or paint? 8O

Also noticed a total lack of any G.I. parts! None, Not'a, Zip....all cast

As soon as I post pictures to my web site I'll post them here. To me it looks like they are Painting the finish on?

Any one else see this with the new ones?

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