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79 IHC Scout II, 74 VW Bug class 11 look a like
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Whats up with Federal and there 40 round boxes of 22 rimfire?
I was at Bass Pro Shops today and they had some 22 ammo for a change but there was a 2 box limit, not bricks, boxes. So I said what the hell and bought two for $2.39 a box, its there "American Eagle" label and only 40 rounds. Are any other companies doing this? I have not bought any 22 ammo for awhile because you can not find it here unless you want to pay $7-10 a box, I will sell my 22's before I pay that much for ammo!
I am glad I bought a few thousands rounds 10 years ago when it was cheap.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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