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What would you do??

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Hey Guys,

I'm going to have fulton build me a m14. Tax refund = present to me for all my hard work last year.

Now----I'm seriously thinking about the service model--due to its decent price, and quality. However--I'm seriously thinking about getting into Highpower, I will be moving in a few months to a place that has a high power 600 yd range within half an hour from me--and am very serious about getting into this aspect of the sport. So because of this I've been thinking the competion grade---but having a chrome lined barrel vs. the medium wieght ss barrel put in place to save on barrel life.

The price difference between a service grade with a chrome barrel, new walnut stock, and NM trigger mod--is only about 300 bucks difference from the competion grade with all the same features plum the NM gas cylinder parts, and the NM sights.

This is going to be my iron sight gun--I have a m1a std all TRW now except for the reciever, this is my "glass"rifle.

SO In a dillema----going to be ordering next month.

What would you do??????????

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Well, I can only speak for myself, but my match rifle spends most of it's time in the safe. I don't want to wear out a nice NM barrel while learning how to shoot...

My standard rifles get shot frequently & even with just simple mods like unitized (shimmed) gas cylinders, they are still more accurate than I am.
This question comes up from time to time and though I'm not a serious competitor I follow the posts fairly closely. The answer most often given by even the most die hard M14 fans is that the M14 just isn't competitive on the serious level. Those days are gone. That being said, you can still have a lot of fun in the matches. Spend slowly and let your skill out strip your rifle, then spend more. This will take a while. Good Luck.
I'll echo Cheeta. The M14 and M1 are not competitive at other than the local level. Once the Army and Marine Corps went with the M16A2 several years ago this rifle has become the dominant rifle for both military shooters and everyone else. You can shoot twice the number of rounds in this caliber than in the larger ones.

Practice is what wins matches. After all, this is nothing more than shooting a consistent 1MOA and everyone does this if you believe all the groups posted 8) .

I love both my M14s but they ain't winning the National Matches anymore.

-- Chuck
If you want just a good shooter go all USGI parts chrome barrel get the nm sights nm gas cylinder. I have just one m14 for the time it is a armscropusa.nm bedded stock with a douglas barrel all usgi h&r parts.Didn't know a thing about m14's when I found it just lucked up at agood price 900.00 about a year ago and took it home. Now my ar's my bolt gun stay in the safe. What can I say I want another one. :D
I have a Comp M14 on order with Fulton's now; Laminated Berch, 18.5" crome Barrel... can't wait!
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