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What will I find at CMP?

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Heading for CMP in a few days. Never been there. Looking for an A3 'shooter' (or two) to compete in local military matches.

These hillbillies around here can shoot, even the Army guys, so I need a solid rifle to keep the USMC in the lead. Don't really care what it looks like. Also, will probably pick up another garand and need to find a 'tall' front sight for my M1 (.062 blade) since with NM apeture I'm 2MOA high at 100yds with no more adjustment. This with a new CMP barrel.

How's their in-store stock on A3s? Some recent posts say 'rough' but I saw a couple of A3's just received from CMP via mail-order last fall that were really nice, although when their oil-soaked stocks warmed up they smoked up the range. Point is - they shot great!! I think the mail orders come from Anniston. I spoke with a fellow at the North Store last week and he seemed the helpful type. Do they bring out more stock during the day? What can I expect? What was your experience?

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Are you going to the Camp Perry store?

Arrive early. It's a "candy store." Don't see anything you like? They'll glad to bring more stock out from storage.

Keep in mind that many of the '03 and '03A3s will be encased in mummified cosmoline so expect to get dirty.

Not only is the staff helpful, but there are usually other folks there with lots of knowledge -- many carrying gages! Don't be afraid to ask them questions too.

Are you already a CMP customer? Your CMP Customer ID will speed the process. See their website, it's been a while and they're lightened the requirements but it's best to jump thru any hoops now than while you're there.

-- Chuck
Your were right... candy store.
Got two A3s. 39xxxxx with "S" stock and 40xxxxx with "c" stock. Both gaged less that '1' muzzle with 9-43 barrels. Stocks looked like crap in the rack, but got home and cleaned them up to find some REALLLY nice wood. Washed in kerosene then soaked with "Greased Lightening" and all the cosmo came off the surface. Metal is 99%. These are pretty rifles. The 40# rifle shoots OK (2MOA first try- probably the shooter), but the 39# did a 5-shot cloverleaf group at 100 yds. (173gr M2)
Also got a Service Grade Garand that gaged good and cleaned up nice, but the rear sight will not work/adjust windage. Internal threads of the windage knob are stripped 1/2 way down. E-mailed CMP customer service about it, but no reply as yet.

Thanks for the advice. And, as you said, the staff at CMP was great.

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