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Not all M14 sniper rifles were US issue.

The Israelis used a slightly modified M14 as a sniper rifle, with their own scope mounts and either Kahles or Nimrod scopes. They also had one of the first BULL PUP M14 rifle stocks.

As a Canadian gunsmith and fire arms dealer, I had about three dozen Israeli surplus M14 rifles. All of the ones I had were either arsenal rebuilt or arsenal refinished, and were rumored to be intended for use as sniper rifles. I do not know if this rumor was true, but I do know that the very best 10 shot 100 yd group I have ever personally seen, came from one of these Israeli surplus M14 rifles.

The M14 was probably used as a base for a sniper rifle by other countries as well ...
after all, it was one of the best choices back in the day.
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