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What the Heck Kind of Outfit is This Firing Line Anyway?

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Just got done going through the old posts on the Firing Line, the Com Shack and a few of the other forums. I was looking for an old post to answer a question by a member, but I got so caught up in just "meandering" around, I lost track of time and my original purpose.

Spent a couple of happy hours going through the posts from "way back when" and rediscovered why I joined the Firing Line family in the first place.

BTW - I would suggest this to any of the members, but especially the newer folks who haven't had the opportunity to "meander" yet. I can't believe how much good, friendly advice, cool stories and pics, and just plain good fellowship I discovered (again) by wondering around.

Anyway, it brought me back to this question - the same one I had the first time I logged on to the Firing Line: "What kind of place is this anyway?"

Oh yeah, like most of you, I had made the rounds of a lot of the other boards and forums, so I was really surprised when I quit "lurking" and joined the group.

Here's what I found on the Firing Line -

I was given a warm and friendly welcome by folks who seemed genuinely happy to meet me.

I saw that folks were not only friendly, but helpful, tolerant and understanding.

I learned very quickly that these folks really know what they are talking about and don't mind sharing their experiences and expertise in helping out a "newbie" without making them feel like they weren't just as worthy of respect as the "old salts".

The more I looked around, the more I learned about my beloved M14/M1A rifle. I also learned that you can relax and be comfortable knowing that your friends here on the Firing Line will treat you with civility and respect.

I also learned that while sometimes folks here may disagree about things, even good friends can disagree and still remain friends. That's one of the main differences here on the Firing Line.

You can take it to the bank that when someone welcomes you to the group, you are truly welcome.

So when you are welcomed by: "Welcome to the family of M-14 shooters! Glad ya came aboard!"; "Wag one of them ammo crates up to the fire's edge and sit a spell with us."; or "Aloha ...glad you came over!!! Welcome Aboard!!!"; - it's great to know that it's an honest invitation to join some truly fine folks.

To Hawk and the other "Old Salts" that make up the heart and soul of the Firing Line - I can only say: "Thanks, ya done good".

"What the Heck Kind of Outfit is This Firing Line Anyway" - just the best, folks, just the best. BGRIN1

There's always room for another new friend, so pull up a chair - we'll set a place at the table for ya. USA2

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A lot of it is the almost total absence of politics and religion and other potential sources of divisiveness. Forums that allow such discussions tend to require more maturity and tolerance than most can muster.
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