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What Stain Should I Use?

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I have just started refinishing the SM M1A that I got... the stock was bone dry and very dark!

What would be a good stain to use to bring out the golden grain in a SM Walnut stock? Or should I use a "red"? I did my NM with Red Mahogany and it looks beautiful... should I match the NM rifle or try something different... I know these are personal preferences, but I am curious to hear what others might have to say about it... I guess another choice might be to use NO stain... but I have never done a Walnut without a stain before... Hmmm????

The ultimate choice will be to send it to WhamoCamo and have it painted with a cool design but I thought I would "tinker" with refinishing her first and see...

Thanks in advance for any comments you might have!!!

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.
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Tom, Tung Oil is the correct finish for M-14 stocks. BLO was used on stocks prior to the M-14. The only time I use anything different on a M-14 stock is when I want to keep the color of knurled/tiger markings. Then I use True Oil. True Oil has a shelac base so it dries quicker and holds the color better in the long run. I have done stocks with it and after 2 years the stock hasn't farkened that much. Using Tung oil, the stock is much darker after the same period of time. Oh and the sheen from the True Oil can be dulled using 0000 steel wool if desired. The Tiger stock you just got from me was done with True Oil almost 2 yrs ago. :D :D
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