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what kind of sling ya got on your m-14/m1a?

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i have a green g.i sling on mine,like it o.k,but it makes a lot of noise from the metal .wondering what else is out there.thought about tapeing the metal up.what do you all have on your rifles?would love to see pics! thanks!!!!
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Aloha Medic:

I like to use a GI sling for utility use. I haven't shot any HP matches so I don't have a competition model per se but I have and use a Les Tam for presentation. The Les Tam is an outstanding sling!

Sounds like you're looking for suggestions on a good quiet sling for use maybe hunting... and I think that tape would be perfect for keeping the metal from rattling.

But if you would like to see what a Les Tam sling looks like...

A leather GI MRT type sling or a leather SA type (but needs to be dyed), would be good for all around use as well.

Good luck whichever way you go.


Tom O.
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:D I have Turner Leather slings on all of mine, I use them for Service Rifle Competition. :D
On which M1A? :)

I have a GI sling on my Scout but, as you say, it's noisy - I took it off and left it at camp during deer season. Like Tom, I also have a Les Tam sling. Les' slings are just excellent, not to mention custom made to your body size, arm length, etc. I have two of them, actually, a heavy match sling and a 1907 reproduction model. The match sling's on my NM rifle and the 1907 repro's on my DMR clone. And right now my "Loaded" model is... "naked." :)
I just use the cotton & nylon web slings.
CQB Solutions Special Operations Patrol (SOP) Sling on my scout.
When shooting Service Rifle Comp, I've always used a cotton web sling :mrgreen: Old habits are hard to break :wink: However, My SA has a beautiful Les Tam sling on it.... :mrgreen:
For Da Bushes ... OD Green Cotton ...

For Show ... Les Tam Leather :D

I have a Brownell's Competitor Plus on my M1A. I have used it for DCM when I first got started and have used it hunting. It has worked fine on all accounts and it looks pretty good as well. I like it for hunting because it has a lot of adjustable length and it is quite. I have the Turner on my CLE AR-15 DCM rifle, while it is clearly a better piece of leather, the Brownells has not failed. I really like the Tam's but the new Turner National Match Biothane All Weather Sling (AWS) may be my next sling.

I never liked the canvas or nylon much. Too noisy in the woods, hard to hold in the right position on my arm when slung up tight, slip off my shoulder too when the terrain gets rough. I have a old 1907 leather on my garand and a hathcock edition Turner on my m-14. Turner makes an awsome sling!
Authenticity of course :roll:

I have a new nylon and a used cotton. OK so I bought both for $10 at a gun show and that's my primary reason :oops:

I do like the 1907s though and have one on my Remmy 700.
Turner sling in black.
:D Joe I'll be down next Sunday, I'll bring you some Blackhills for the 300 SF I'll Shoot 118s and so will Mike, I need the Brass to reload for the TSRA Championships :D
Mines a Spriogfield Armory, excellent quality. :D
Turner synthetic (brown) :mrgreen:
turners on both of mine --- One Hathcock edition, the other a 54 inch NM.
For shooting at the range with the beater Norinco, old cotton web sling.

For the SA set up with scope, a Les Tam 2002 in black.

I have a spare brown Tam made the same year as well as a spare.

The Tams have the USMC EGA, the USMC markings and my initials.

I'm using an old school USGI green sling myself. :D

I use a Quick-Cuff Sniper Sling Military Model 2: for M40, M14/21/25, or AR-15 And other rifles with fixed sling swivels.


(an article on slings and the "Quick Cuff" I use)
If i want super accuracy i go leather if i want super durable i go nylon by black haw i go for the best of both worlds and switch out when i need to
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