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On inputs you got so far, JameyDan is spot on.

Here is an unsoliciited input for highpower from my perspective. Maybe off the main topic, but I'll post it anyway. For training @ 200 shoot prone slow fire and shoot slow fire till you damn near or clean the reduced 600. Training on the reduced target teaches you a lot about shooting fundamentals without having to deal with the wind. The scoring rings are not forgiving, think about a 1.8 inch X ring. Whatever you learned from the steadiest position, prone slow fire, will trasnfer to the rapids and standing. You will burn into your brains what it takes to put a shot in the center - that means the sight picture is correct and the shot execution is flawless.

At our local club we do not make distinction whether you shoot a match or a service rifle, we compete in the same classification. Being a 14 shooter myself, I had my share of wins against the odds. Shoot the XTC as much as you can with your service rifle, you skills will improve. Don't run away from the AR shooters or match rifle shooters, the local matches are not the Nationals loaded with world class shooters, you can compete heads up against them. It takes time, money, and commitment to the game....
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