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The X-ring at 200yds is 3in, the 10-ring 7in. Last month I used my super stocker with USGI barrel for our HP match with my 125 TnT load I cranked off a 100/5x and backed it up with a 96/4x in the sitting rapids, I don't know what MOA that is and all I care about is that the pointy end goes where I want it too, trying too use Jedi mind tricks on my rifle/ammo has proven fruitless.(vodoo,witchcraft or maybe a hex' are worth looking into)

I know that most shooters are looking for that isty-bitsy one hole group, and then shag off a round or two, you know that flyer that shows up, I'm looking/shooting for score with hopefully round, predictable groupings, nothing radical or offcall(flyer).

Shooting for score is all about your trends or your shooting AVG
200-20rds standing mid 80's to low 90's I've never shot better than a 96 offhand
200-20rds sitting rapid, low 80's to mid 90's
300-20rds prone rapid, mid 80's to mid 90's
600-20rds prone slow, lately I'm all over the place 170's so I guess I'm in the basement, 2 years ago(2009) my 600yd avg was in the 180 range but I have never fired better than a 190 something.(I took off 2010)

Ever here a a gent by the name of Dad Farr? all he had was a 03 Springfield with a post and aperture.

Its very hard too give a good answer for your question, good groups don't alway make good scores, the best answer I can give you is go and shoot in a Match and you will experance it for yourself.
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