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Don't know about how it shoots for me yet since the SM stock is on the way and the rifle w/ usgi stock is on the way too(from different sources), old guy who i am trading for rifle says he gets 1 1/8" groups at 100yrds with fed match and the SA scope. He says hes not all that of a shooter. Stock is a super match from SA and thats the bedding from SA fars i know. Guy took it of a SM SA that was made back around 82 or 83. I would guess if the m14 fits the SM stock better it may shoot 3/4" on the rifle, will have to see and shoot it with usgi stock for base line and then SM stock and see how it improves. I don't have a scope to slap on it to find out. I post to get both next week. I plan on putting on a douglas barrel anyway. And left over parts will just build another i think if that barrel is that accurate.
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