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What Is Wrong With My Rifle ..... Howa Mini Action 6.5 Grendel

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I recently purchased a Howa Mini Action in 6.5 Grendel 20" Heavy Bbl, and thought I'd sight it in along with my new Scout Squad today.

I put a New Redfield scope on the Howa and these are the results that I got! Shots 1 - 5 are numbered. Something is obviously wrong!

I was using Hornady 123gr. Match ammo.

On a side note ... I'm really pleased with the Scout Squad and it's accuracy. I sighted the M1A in on the bottom right target and the final adjustments seemed to be about right!
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I have a bone stock Weatherby Vanguard S2 which is the same rifle as the Howa 1500, 2nd generation like you have there. Mine is chambered in .308 and shoots less than an inch at 100 yards with every ammo I have tried, including wolf and military surplus.

Provided nothing is mechanically wrong with the rifle, I am guessing the erectors in your scope are no good. The reticle is bouncing around inside the tube of the scope with every shot and giving you that poor accuracy.

Try all the tips and tricks suggested here and then put a different scope on it. Also be aware that good scopes are not cheap. Unless you get something used or stolen, a good scope that you can rely on for good accuracy is going to cost at least $150. I like the Weaver brand of scope myself. Check out Natchez shooters supply, Natchezss.com for good deals on weaver and other scopes.
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