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What Is Wrong With My Rifle ..... Howa Mini Action 6.5 Grendel

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I recently purchased a Howa Mini Action in 6.5 Grendel 20" Heavy Bbl, and thought I'd sight it in along with my new Scout Squad today.

I put a New Redfield scope on the Howa and these are the results that I got! Shots 1 - 5 are numbered. Something is obviously wrong!

I was using Hornady 123gr. Match ammo.

On a side note ... I'm really pleased with the Scout Squad and it's accuracy. I sighted the M1A in on the bottom right target and the final adjustments seemed to be about right!
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Dam if I know make sure everything is tight on the scope and mounts also check the action screws. Maybe try some different ammo. I know how frustrating this can be. Good luck let us know what it was when you figure it out. I have been eyeballing one of those little rifles In 7.62-39, just becuase it is cheap to shoot and I like to waste ammo.
Well, I know the scope mounts and action screws are tight. I took them out and re-torqued with Blue Locktite and my Fat Wrench a little while ago.

I'll clean it, and go back out on Thursday to see if that helps. I'll try at 25 yds ... then 50 ... and then 100 yds. to see if it starts "Acting Up" anywhere along the way.

The scope is a New Redfield scope that I bought this past weekend, so I'm fairly certain it's not the scope ... unless I got a Dud.
I thought about that, but parallax doesn't account for the 12" spread on the target! It might affect a 1" spread on the target, but my sight picture was clear and crisp.
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