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What Is Wrong With My Rifle ..... Howa Mini Action 6.5 Grendel

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I recently purchased a Howa Mini Action in 6.5 Grendel 20" Heavy Bbl, and thought I'd sight it in along with my new Scout Squad today.

I put a New Redfield scope on the Howa and these are the results that I got! Shots 1 - 5 are numbered. Something is obviously wrong!

I was using Hornady 123gr. Match ammo.

On a side note ... I'm really pleased with the Scout Squad and it's accuracy. I sighted the M1A in on the bottom right target and the final adjustments seemed to be about right!
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Which stock does it have? I've got an older Howa 1500, with the short 20" Bull barrel in .308 Win. Unfortunately it's got the "Pillar Bedded" Hogue, which flexes too much. I plan on getting a Bell and Carlson with the bedding block, but it's a low priority, as I also plan on getting a decent magazine feeding conversion, using AICS magazines.
Years ago, when I bought my Winchester 70 XTR .30-06, it had the "Tupperware" stock, and my "patterns" looked like that. I ended up getting an H-S Precision sporter stock with a bedding block, and it ceased patterning, and started grouping my shots.
Not saying that is your problem, but if it's not the optics, the bedding would be my next visit.
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